I wanted to implement a mix of both client work and a few of my experimental personal projects. I've been playing with a few new technologies - yes this includes A.I. - and I wanted to explore the opportunities these created for different effects and styles I could bring to my client work as well.

Despite some popular belief, utilizing A.I. to create motion and animation doesn't mean pushing a button ahd having something perfect or cool pop out the other end. At least that's not how I'm interested in using it. I still apply my own drawing and animation skills to my work, but I'm now really excited to see how I can supplement my skills with some new technologies that didn't even exist a year ago.

So my current demo reel equally balances some of the "traditional" with some of the new to showcase where I've been with my work and where I'd like to take things further to tell my clients' stories in ways that are visually unique!
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