This is one of my first experiments using some of the A.I. imaging and video technologies coming on the scene. It's a 20-second spec promo I made for a fictional show based on Thunderbirds from the 1960s. This was an adventure show for kids created with models and marionettes and was a big influence on the creators of Team America: World Police. I used prompts in Midjourney to make pictures of action figures in flight suits doing things like flying aircraft, battling monsters and smoking cigars. I used Runway to generate animated sequences from these images. So far it seems A.I. doesn’t generate sequences beyond about four seconds without everything melting or mutating. Every week seems to bring more improved technology, so this will get a lot better fast. But for now the results were enough to cut together a short trailer for the Sky Hawks TV show. I ran the trailer through a couple of filters to give it the colour and film texture of something from this era along with a few film scratch imperfections. If I saw this promo as a kid, I’d want to watch this show.
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