My Best Friend Is a Secret Agent book trailer
My Best Friend is a Secret Agent illustrations & layout
D.O.R.X. book cover
CHILD Cohort Study overview video
eBRAT explainer video
Stan Lee tribute
The Boy Who Cried Ghost book cover
Fusion Protein label illustrations
BeWhere Triplets illustration
Biosimilars explainer video
Two Suns logo
RichToons 2016 Demo Reel
Four Kings playing cards
Pancreas Explainer video
RBC Cyber Security - Powerful Passwords
RBC Cyber Security - Keep It Private
RBC Cyber Security - Under No Pretext
RBC Cyber Security - Perils of Public WiFi
RBC Cyber Security - No Phishing!
RBC Cyber Security - Socially Cautious
BeWhere Explainer Video
PUDO - Explainer Video
Humble & Fred - Necking in My Basement
Humble & Fred - Dog On a Bike
Humble & Fred - Dumpster Gum
Humble & Fred Movie Trailer
Humble & Fred - Mound of Man Venus
Humble & Fred - Holiday Swinging
Titles and Brands pt2
Titles and Brands pt1
Star Wars theme animation
Black Rock North Media promo video
Scratch & Sniff: Pet Investigators
ProPurchaser - Laura's story / Paul's story
Monkey Doo game app
Eco-zone branding
Rasilez - It's Kidney Time video frames
Raiders of the 49th Parallel poster
B.A.D. Cows characters
Nicholas' GrowBot
Canadian Tire Hockey Card Creator online app
Energizer - The Power of Reading
Zitter online ad spots
Bad Kitty Productions branding
Johnny Genre
Nebulous game app concept
Refund Today "Hero" mailers
My Teen Lounge
Mary's BodCast intro
Pandora's Lunch Box
RHS Group 4-step process
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